Sweet peppers are notoriously slow growers and you’ll need to give them a boost. To help you pepper plant take off give it plenty of nitrogen when you plant it. Add 1/4 to 1/2 cup of Fish or Blood Meal or other organic nitrogen fertilizer in the hole when you plant it. WARNING! Do not use Miracle Grow or other non-organic fertilizers because it will burn the plant’s roots and kill it. Add a small amount of bone meal in the soil when you plant it as well.

Once you see flower add some high phosphorus fertilizer (phosphorus is the second number in the three numbers you see on a fertilizer bag). Be careful not to burn it.

Keep it well watered (but not over watered).

Make sure the plant is in full sun.

When to Plant
Plant two weeks after you plant your tomatoes or two weeks after your latest frost date.

Where to Plant
Plant in the part of the garden with the most sun. Black plastic help warm up the soil and help the roots grow faster.

Tip: Try to find the pepper seeds with the shortest growing season. If you choose the seeds with 90 days or more you’ll probably never get your pepers.

Tip: Your pepper plant will need to be under stress for it to change colors (if its the color changing variety). Stop watering your plant a week before you would like to harvest your peppers.