• Wake up early and take advantage of the parks early hours. You’ll do more in one hour than you’ll do all day fighting the crowds.
  • Be sure to get a fast pass to the more popular rides while the park numbers are few.
  • Call you hotel a few weeks before you go and request maps for each park.  Plan what you’ll do each day


  • Pack water in ice filled thermoses.  This ice water is delicious. Get the ice from your hotel.
  • Even if you are staying in the park you can order take out from outside the park.  The front desk of your hotel has the phone numbers for the places you’ll want to order from.  Get better food without paying an arm or a leg.
  • Some of the best snackfoods (or food you carry with you each day) are: Jerky, Cheetos, Almonds, Individually wrapped pastries, Dried Fruit, Trail Mix, and don’t forget the ZipLoc Bags!