Composting is easy. You can easily turn food scraps, grass clippings, fallen leaves, and shredded paper into beautiful compost.

The ideal ratio for composting is 1/3 green (or nitrogen) products mixed with 2/3 brown (or carbon) products.

Green/Nitrogen Products
Grass clippings
Food scraps (no meat but egg shells are okay)
Animal manure
Coffee Grounds

Brown/Carbon Products
Wood chips
Fallen Leaves
Shredded paper
Corn Stocks or Dead plants from the Garden in the fall

Recipe for Perfect Composting
1/3 Green/Nitrogen products
2/3 Brown/Carbon products
Oxygen – Be sure to turn/tumble your compost every week or so.
Moisture – Compost with too little moisture won’t work

*Starter Tip – When you first start composting add a little dirt. This will introduce the micro organisisms you want in your compost.

What is composting?